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Kirstenbosch - Cape Town

One of the world's leading botanical gardens. Part of Jan van Riebeeck's original almond hedge is viewable. Bird shaped spring lined with Batavian bricks known as Lady Anne Barnard's bath is another poular attraction.

Founded in 1913, Kirstenbosch lies on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. It consists of landscaped gardens of indigenous plants and trees, watered by the Liesbeek River, as well as natural forest that extends up the lower slopes. Kirstenbosch covers an area of 828Ha, 60 ha of which are cultivated; the remainder is a natural flora reserve.

It is a living display featuring 4 700 of the estimated 20 000 species of indigenous South African flora, and close to 50 per cent of the Peninsula's floral wealth. In the cultivated area, related plants are grouped together and radiate from the central lawns .